Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The light at the end of the tunnel

I've been keeping a secret, because of The Jinx. Every single bloody time I have posted about my house or a potential house on the internets, it fell right though with a giant sucking sound.
I took this picture at 8:30 AM today, as I was driving away from MY blue house with MY blue door and MY giant crepe myrtle to go to an office to sign MY cottage away to someone who wants to come live in it.
That's right. Misty Hollow is SOLD.

Good things are that the new owners are letting us stay rent-free until I can take possession of my rental on December 16th, the joys of which I cannot go into because they do not exist. The second good thing is that the new owners asked if they could keep one of my rugs and my shade I made for the front door, so obviously these people have taste.
We got a little more at closing than I originally thought, so I tossed wasband a little extra dough and I bought myself a new vacuum cleaner. I'm super excited about this, which I think means I'll never have a boyfriend. But it's a PET HAIR vacuum, and it will do carpets, rugs, hard floors and STAIRS. I have a big upright that cannot pick up stairs for sh*t, so I have to use my fingers to wad up the dirt and pet hair and then dust bust the furballs. This canister vac will pick up all the pet hair on all the floors and stairs.
Next up is that the boys and I pack up our stuff (what we did not sell or take to storage) and move into a 1250-sq-ft two bedroom end unit condo. In the middle of the Christmas season, my favorite time of the year, which makes TWO Christmases in a row that have been violated by the inconvenience of my unmarriage. We're going to work around it this year, because we are in a MUCH better mood.
I do not have pictures of the new condo to show you, because the pics I've been using have someone else's stuff in them. It's delightful on the budget, because it's a little unfortunate on the eyes. There is nary a spot of crispness in the entire thing. The doors are wood. The molding, baseboards, and trim are wood. The cabinets are wood. The two bedrooms are a "neutral" peach, if that exists, and the bedroom I am taking has a chair rail with hunter green and cream wallpaper on the lower half. The wallpaper extends into the en suite sink and toilet closet. The boys have plaid wallpaper in their toilet closet.
The owners are going to let me paint. So if I have to spend the next 18 months here, I can at least update it and make it color neutral. (Right now, the plan is to stay here until we pick a high school for Jake, and then buy a modest three-bedroom outside the city. Very, very subject to change, as is everything else about us.)
The measurements are off, because I'm eyeballing it on some rooms. The downstairs is not shorter and wider in real life.
It has a great dark wood flooring downstairs. The living area is not as big as it looks, because it would be odd not to keep a path from the door to the dining room open. The living room will be anchored by the sofa on the far right wall and the TV armoire on the wall across from the fireplace. Yes, that's a fireplace. There is a closet under the stairs, and that little box off the dining room is actually an oddly-placed wet bar that does not open into the living room. There's a half bath, and a door that leads out to a fenced back patio. The appliances are white and new, and it comes with a (not front-loading but I'm not a snob about it) washer and dryer. I did not know how to draw it, but there is room for two barstools on that open piece of countertop by the half bath.
The floors are the same size, I swear. The upstairs is carpet and tile. Look at their bedroom compared to my bedroom, but it's only fair that the people who share a room get the bigger room. I can cozy up in My Tiny Bedroom. We only have one tub/shower, which means the tub has to be rinsed with scalding hot water before I try to soak in a bath of little boy pee. We have as many toilets and as many sinks as we do people, which is a requirement in any housing - temporary or permanent.
I have packed up the books and most of the treasured blue china collection. The rest of the packing will commence next week, as after Thanksgiving we'll be relocating boxes of Christmas decorations to storage at Tara. The boys are donating their toys to the childrens' room at the residential hospice where their mom passed away, so that high volume of stuff needs to be moved away before I can wrap my head around packing their room.
A chest from my bedroom is being painted for their new room, and a chest from my living room has been stripped, sanded, stained, sanded, re-stained, and cried over and moved into my bedroom last night. I'm going to post both at once as two very different methods of refinishing furniture, but check it:
I love the luxe of the dark wood and the gold pulls with the burlap skirt, coral linen and crisp white sheets on the iron bed. This vision is starting to come together.
Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and we are having our last holiday in the house that's not even ours any more, with all our favorite foods. The tradition is to list everything that we are thankful for, but I'm going to risk sounding like an a-hole to say that I am most grateful for the fight in me. When I think about the 365 days since the last Thanksgiving, I am in awe of whatever spirit is in me that got out of the bed 95% of the mornings, asked for help when I needed to survive, and became the person my kids unfalteringly trust to figure it out, no matter what IT is.
I am thankful for how much things change, how much we change, in a year.
Happy Thanksgiving and love to all of you.

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  1. Nell, kudos to you. On all of this. On taking big ole bites from the sh!t sandwich you've been served. On finding the spirit to do what you have to do. On giving when you could be curling up in a ball.

    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas in your cozy new place. I have no doubt it will be stunning. :-)